Calendar of Events


Monday, April 4th

Departure day for nearly all of the guests out of the California region. You should have taken your PCR or ART test 2 days prior to today at an authorized testing facility. Home tests or Tele-Health tests do not qualify for entry into Singapore. Click here and review item 1G on the checklist for inbound travelers.


Tuesday, April 5th

Travel day


Wednesday, April 6th

Los Angeles and San Francisco groups arrive in Singapore. If you are on SQ37 or UA1, your room will be available upon arrival.


Thursday, April 7th

Enjoy Singapore at your leisure


Friday, April 8th

Windows to Singapore tour compliments of Sigler.
The motor coaches depart at 9:00 AM Sharp, please be at the 
Tower 2 lobby area 15 minutes prior to meet your guide.


Saturday, April 9th

Enjoy Singapore at your leisure


Sunday, April 10th

Enjoy Singapore at your leisure


Monday, April 11th

Enjoy Singapore at your leisure


Tuesday, April 12th

All guests that are departing April 13th must take a Covid-19 test today for entry back into the United States. The Marina Bay Sands conference center will be the location for assisting Sigler travelers with this test. Please click here for the test schedule days and times. For the large group testing on March 12th we will need to limit the number of tests in the center to 80 people at a time. A schedule will follow.


"Walk-In" PDT's are available daily at the convention center, level 1, for guests departing on a day other than April 13th. The cost for this test is S$15.00 and cannot be charged to the room and is payable at the time of service. See the above link for the hours of operation.


Wednesday, April 13th

Los Angeles & San Francisco groups depart Singapore.